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Brent Worley


The world's largest aluminum concrete forms manufacturer and supplier, Wall-Ties & Forms, Inc., is the premier designer of aluminum concrete forming systems and concrete formwork accessories
WALL-TTIES was the 1999’s awarded manufacturer for the safety of its system by the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Jose Yepez

Vice President, International Sales

Wall-Ties & Forms is the most innovative company in the form industry. Their ability and willingness to design around customer needs is second to none.
As well as the premier designer and manufacturer of formwork systems. Over 50 years ago , WTF produce today and ship over 30 million ties a year and over 100,000 aluminum concrete forms and formwork.

Jeannine B. Scott

Senior Consultant

35 years in the field of international development.
Strategic consultancy and lobbying in the USA
Previously, Ms. Scott held a political position with President Clinton's Administration (1998-2001) as Acting Executive Director of the United States and advisor to the Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB). She has worked with senior US officials from the Treasury, State, and USAID departments.

Johnnie STUBBS

Chief Executive Officer

Provide environmentally friendly and innovative Road building technology: durable, cost-saving, high quality.
Provide asphalt roads, pedestrian walkways, bicycle paths, drains and parking lots with spacer fiber optics, electricity, and security cameras
Provide maintenance at no cost for up to 5 years.

Mark A. McMillan

Civil Engineering
Expert Magnetic Generators

Civil Engineering Expert Magnetic generators The latest technologies in many fields. 9 Solutions of major problems notably the Energy Magnetic, the clean Water, the road Construction, Infrastructures, Local ground transportation with the electrical Bus, Food, with the objective of contributing to the sustainable improvement of the living conditions of the people in the beneficiary country.


Financial Expert
Acquisition Manager

• Financial engineering
• EXIM BANK Appointed Broker - New York/New Jersey • Real Estate & Insurance Broker - NY/NJ/CT
• Private Funding Investment
• Projects & Real Estate Acquisitions
• Dispositions Investments Market
• Development Off Private/Hard Money Financing

Daniel A. L. Boot

Architect Director of Technical HABITERRA .

Inventor, Consultant in architecture, industrial and graphic designer, His passion is to develop and market innovative building solutions that are economically viable and environmentally friendly. This inspired him to invent: A new construction system using mortarless concrete blocks. The blocks automatically self-align using their interlocking properties.


Financial Engineer
Business Data Analyst

Gathered, reviewed, compiled, and analyzed data from membership, data and analytics department and other sources such as other department’s database and UIs to prepared and recommended financial reports with reliable conclusions that management can use to implement more operational strategies.


Digital Transformation Architect
Enterprise, Solutions, & Data

2. Business Domains ERP Financials, Procurement, Project Mgmt., Asset Lifecycle Mgmt.
3. Industries Consumer Goods, Education, Financial Svcs., Food and Beverage, Government, Healthcare, High Technology, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Mining and Energy, Professional Services.

John Juan

Solar Energy solution
Director Energy Development. .

• The best Individual and Collective Solution to the Energy Problem with a warranty. • Continued investment in the new technology gives APLUS Energy the distinctive feature of the guaranteed panels has a minimum of 10 to 20 years of duration with unbeatable prices. • APLUS Energy has one of the largest solar panel production industries in the world.


Civil Engineer
Construction Project Manager

• 20 years experience managing construction of multi-Million dollars projects in USA and Africa • Supervised project engineers, superintendents, and new ops managers. • Hired and scheduled subcontractors based on profile and credentials. • Trained team members.


. President, CEO

An international building technology company having over 30 worldwide licensees. He held Senior Canadian Government Housing Development and Management positions. Directed the development of residential, commercial and office projects more than $1.5 billion, involving over 150 projects. Directed the development/construction of over 5000 housing units


Managing General Partner.
CEO & President of the Consortium .

Project Manager certify Gifted with more than 30 years preparation and coordination experience Senior Consultant Business Process-Strategy Structuration & Finance Project Management Senior Consultant in several international financial institutions such as WORLD BANK, UNDP – United Nations Development Program Bank of Central African States (BEAC). Chief Innovation in development programs in many African’s countries

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We have strategic partnerships with the largest, most relevant technology providers that are present in most enterprise environments today. We’re also familiar with all layers of the “stack.” We combine our knowledge, experience and alliances to ensure you have the resources needed to be successful.

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