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‘’ Washington DC NOVEMBER 21st- 25th, 2021 ‘’

US–AFRICA BUSINESS CONNECTION® 2021 is a special business opportunity forum whose objectives are to:

  1. introduce participants to the sources of U.S. funding available for Africa;
  2. present immediate solutions for water and electricity needs with pre-financing;
  3. present technologies and pre-financing opportunities for housing construction projects;
  4. demonstrate how to finance major socio-economic projects debt free;
  5. connect American and African business leaders to develop business partnerships;
  6. establish business relationships with government representatives;
  7. facilitate access for African Entrepreneurs to the U.S. credit market;
  8. assist participants to achieve partnership agreements, as well as joint ventures.

Profile of the Forum Organizer

With more than 25 years of experience, SMART CAPITAL ASSOCIATES USA has become a primary reference for accessing the American market, including financing.  SMART CAPITAL ASSOCIATES USA comprises a consortium of reputed U.S. and Canadian companies.  It includes technical partners, and financial engineering firms in the USA that are specialized in the structuring short-, medium-, and long-term financing, including agencies such as DFC and “brokers” of U.S. government financial institutions such as the EXIM Bank.

SMART CAPITAL and its Associates are supported by the government’s special programs to support business and African leaders in carrying out major socio-economic projects.


US–AFRICA BUSINESS CONNECTION® 2021 will be the keystone to enable Africa to exploit its potential and make it sufficiently strong to meet the major challenges it faces today.

  1. We ensure that each participant meets these partners sought.
  2. We provide them with financing opportunities (subject to the guarantee), and technical support to implement turnkey projects.

Companies and Institutions expected at the Forum

  1. Real estate developers, Home construction companies,
  2. Operators in the energy sectors (Electricity and  water)
  3. Agriculture operators
  4. Agri business (Food processing)
  5. Banks and financial institutions
  6. Federal and local government officers.

Host location.

CAPITAL HILTON, 1001 16th Street NW,

Washington DC 20036.

And 1025 Connecticut ave. NW Washington DC 20036

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